We offer classes in Ballet and Jazz with optional Performance troupes for those dancers who are committed to developing as a performer.

Our Ballet classes are based around the dance and performance part of BBO (British Ballet Organisation) and RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) syllabus we are teaching the technique and structure. This will encourage dancers to enjoy their dancing and express themselves through dance as well as providing the technical elements that are necessary for dancers to succeed.

Our popular Baby Ballet classes are focused on learning basics whilst having fun with props and music to extend little imaginations.  Classes from 5 years old have an exam option which is a great way for children to set goals and measure their progress. All classes are part of our annual show. 

Jazz is a fun and funky dance form. Our classes are also follow the NZAMD Syllabus which provides good progression for children to follow. Our jazz classes are fun, exciting and full of laughter. Jazz takes many forms and we listen to what the children want to do as well as teach the basics of technical Jazz. Hip Hop, Rock n Roll, Lyrical are some of the many styles we cover in our jazz classes. Classes have an optional exam during the year and are part of our annual show.

Baby Ballet – very first dance class. Lots of fun and imagination based dancing with the introduction to the basic ballet moves. Generally from age 3 – 5. When a child turns 5 or starts school, they can move up to Primary Ballet and/or Pre Grade Jazz if they are ready.

Primary Ballet – First exam level for ballet. Still plenty of fun and imaginative dance but more structure and technique. Ages 5-6.

Grade 1 Ballet – Building on what was learnt in Primary Ballet, this level takes technique up a notch. Ages 7-8

Grade 2 Ballet – Continuing to develop technique as well as enjoyment of dance. Ages 8-9

Grade 3 Ballet – This level starts to develop the choreographic skills of the dancers and aims to give the young ballerina more confidence. Ages 9-12.

Grade 4 Ballet – This level builds on the young dancers strengths and pushes them to really dance.

Grade 5 Ballet – Progressively challenging for the more committed dancer with a strong focus on technique, detail, style and performance.

General Dance – an introduction to general dance. Lots of fun and the basic steps of all dancing. From age 5 -7. No exam for this class.

Grade 1 Jazz  – first exam level of Jazz. Lots of fun and funky music. A combination of Jazz and Hip Hop. Ages 5-8.

Grade 2 Jazz – More jazz and Hip Hop technique is covered in this level with the aim of developing confidence. Ages 8-9

Grade 3 Jazz – This level steps up a notch and is all about expression. Ages 9-12.

Grade 4 Jazz – focusing on technique with continuing difficulty.

Grade 5 Jazz – focuses on improving technical skills and performance quality

 Senior Dance – The Senior dance program consist of ballet and jazz classes with the exam having both elements to it. Dancers start this program when they are in High School. Ages 14+

We have a Junior, Intermediate and Senior Performance troupe. These are teams of children who are dedicated and want to do more performance based dance. They perform at local events and competitions as well as being a big part of our annual show. Children who are part of the Performance Troupes must be doing technique classes in Jazz and Ballet and display enthusiasm and dedication for dance.  All troupes will be performing at local events and putting on a mid year show. Talk to Kim if your child is interested in being part of these troupes.