That sums it up don’t you think? And we still managed to finish the year with a fantastic performance from the troupes, and I absolutely am brimming with new ideas for this year.

Images from the performance will be sent to you in a link via the newsletter next week. You will be able to download these images for your own use, however this link is not publicly available and can be only viewed using the link.

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Let’s begin this year with renewed enthusiasm, fun, dedication and a quick overview of the year ahead.


We will be doing our usual swapping rooms around during classes as we use the mirrors and spaces depending on what we are doing. 

The first half of the year concentrates on exam work, and all children are encouraged to be part of the end of year performance. All costumes are provided by Ignite Dance Company and these details will be provided towards the end of the year.


As adorable as they are to watch, after years of teaching I have found that little people work better during the lesson when they don’t have a parent watching. I do understand that when a child is new, it is important to feel confident and comfortable in their environment. Parents/caregiver can stay for the class, but once the dancer has adjusted, it would be great if the parents/caregiver could drop and go. Anybody is welcome watch the first and last 5 minutes of each class.

For the kids safety, please enter the hall by the back door only to collect them at the end of class – especially the little ones. This helps with less disruption to the class that is in progress.

Parking – please continue to use the back of the Hall to park. The front of the Hall is a no parking zone – only for emergency use. 


2020 was a challenging year for the Performance Troupes and 2021 is going to be just fabulous. We will be doing a midyear KidsFest Show in the July Holidays 5-7th July.

Anyone interested in being part of the Performance troupe must be doing a ballet and a jazz class, aged 8+, be ready to work hard and enjoy performing. 

Photos and videos – while it is nice to put your photos and videos on social media, please be respectful of others children and families. Please don’t put up photos and videos of other people/children but feel free to tag Ignite Dance Co in any posts as we love to see and share our wonderful kids on our Facebook page. 

Please let me know if you have any questions, either give me a call – 021 927 899 or email me dance@ignitedance.co.nz

Looking forward to another great year.